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Kubwa & Company, Advocates is based in Masaai Mara Ecosystem, Narok County, Kenya.

Kubwa & Company’ Advocates are based in the beautiful heartlands of Masaai Mara Ecosystem, Narok County, Kenya. Our lawyers provide powerful, professional counsel to clients within Kenya and across East Africa as well as legal global consultancy.

How to Reach Us

We communicate across various platforms. The binary choice of contact in-person or by phone is passé everywhere else, so why not in law? Zoom, Signal, FaceTime, Text, Email … no problem. Don’t worry, we still have offices and make a great cup of coffee. So, feel free to visit us in Narok town.

The Firm

Our Team

Our vibrant team of lawyers bring agility and flexibility in handling our clients’ off-site meetings, courthouse appearances, negotiations, and agreements including: litigation in superior and, lower courts as well as statutory tribunals within the Republic of Kenya.

Our Safeguards

Besides working with commitment, compassion, competence and integrity, we are a team of real-life people with hopes, dreams and families.  We desire to safeguard our clients’ best interest while meeting their expectation without compromising the rule of law and justice.

Our Focus

We focus on land and environmental disputes; contracts and contract disputes; constitutional and public law; private law. Other services include debt collection and recovery, and legal and business consultancy; Conveyancing, and seamless Estate Planning.

Our Timing

In every jurisdiction, there are strict time limits for bringing claims. Some expire within days or weeks of an incident. Others may be years. Failing to file within the time-limit may result in the cause of action being lost forever. So, never hesitate to seek advice on an issue and how to enforce your legal rights.

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