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Kubwa & Company, Advocates is nestled within the beautiful heartland of the Masaai Mara Ecosystem, Narok County, Kenya. We employ some of the best lawyers and business specialists in Kenya and East Africa and provide powerful, professional counsel to clients in Kenya and across East Africa and are a global legal consultancy offering online legal and business consultancy services, enabling anybody to consult a lawyer everywhere in Kenya and East Africa quickly and easily. Doing so is our priority, ranking just below the joy we feel, stuffing our pockets with your money.

We are here to help. If you need advice and would like to schedule an initial consultation, please fill out the form below, and we will get you in touch with the right member of our team. We try our best to answer every query within the shortest time possible On any matter, we offer a free thirty-minute consultation, but the coffee costs 500 shillings. Just ask!

Out Technology Systems

We are a tech-savvy firm harnessing the power and efficiencies of emerging technological trends, such as cloud computing for smooth and efficient running of the firm. We take pride in our expertise in tech and the law

We have a cloud law practice management system that, not only guarantees safe automatic backup of critical client information but also enables our lawyers to work seamlessly from anywhere in the world, thereby affording greater access to our clients’ files remotely that is vital to efficient case preparation.

Our Strengths

As Kubwa & Co. Advocates, we concentrate on what we do well, perfecting our knowledge and skills to deliver unparalleled results in our areas of expertise.

Effective Communication

Our firm is distinguished for its responsive approach to the practice of law. We make every effort to keep clients informed and abreast of changes and developments in the case from beginning to end. We respond quickly to emails, keep files up-to-date, ensure that interested parties know what is going on, and work with clients and carriers to successfully reach a favorable result.

Proven Results

Our lawyers are result-oriented and strive to find the most efficient way to resolve disputes and reestablish positive working relationships. We are diligent in pursuing a solution to every problem and look for a resolution upfront that is in the clients’ best interests, avoiding unnecessary setbacks, delays, and postponements.

Collaborative Approach

We promote a culture of collaboration and support. We work together with clients, insurance companies, and fellow colleagues, who are all active participants in the decision-making and resolution process. The firm atmosphere is friendly, open, and responsive to the needs of clients.

Personal Attention

Our lawyers make an extra effort to guarantee that clients are pleased with the services they receive and are satisfied with the results in their case. We gather evidence and strategize to build a defense to the case. Our clients’ needs are our constant concern, and their peace-of-mind is our first priority.

How to Reach Us

We communicate across various platforms.  The binary choice of contact in-person or by phone is passé everywhere else, so why not in law? Zoom, FaceTime, Text, Email … no problem. Don’t worry, we still have offices and make a great cup of coffee.  So, feel free to visit us in Narok town.

Narok County is situated in the southern part of the Great Rift Valley. Narok lies between latitudes 0° 50´ and 1° 50´ South and longitude 35° 28′ and 36° 25´ East. The county borders the Republic of Tanzania and six other counties – Nakuru, Bomet, Nyamira, Kisii, Migori County, and Kajiado. It has two rainy seasons with average rainfall ranging from 500 to 1,800 mm per annum. Watching the big five; lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and Cape buffalo are year-round activities. Narok is 2h 45 min (151.6 km) from Nairobi.  The county is rich in terms of nature with the world-famous Maasai Mara National Reserve, as well as Mau Forest located within its borders. Its capital and largest town is Narok. The other major urban center in Narok County is Kilgoris.

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Support Staff

The firm employs highly qualified administrative and paralegal personnel including an accountant, a secretary, and a legal assistant.

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